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[PS2] Lineup SquarEnix Party 2005

Aperto da Turrican3, 11 Luglio, 2005, 18:05:47

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Several new titles in the listings, online and mobile dominating proceedings

Publisher Square Enix has announced the full line-up of titles it will be showcasing at its Party 2005 event in Japan later this summer, revealing a number of new titles both for console platforms and mobile phones.

Many of the games on display have already been announced, including Final Fantasy XII, Kingdom Hearts 2 and Code Age Commanders, but others are new - like Blademaster 2, the third game in the Musahiden series, and The World of Mana, now confirmed as a console singleplayer title, not an online game as was previously reported.

In online game terms, FFXI gets another airing alongside Front Mission Online and EverQuest II, which Square Enix will publish in Japan, while a new game, Fantasu, will make its debut.

The longest list is the mobile phone games list, though, which features a host of Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy titles, along with a new Front Mission game and some 3D titles - namely, Blademaster 2 Episode 0, FFVII Snowboarding and Code Age Brawls.

The full list, courtesy of Import Game Blog:

PS2 Games:

    * Final Fantasy XII
    * Kingdom Hearts 2
    * Grandia 3
    * Code Age Commanders
    * Blademaster 2
    * Full Metal Alchemist 3
    * Final Fantasy Dirge of Cerebus
    * The World of Mana

Online Games:

    * Final Fantasy XI
    * Front Mission Online
    * Everquest II
    * Fantasu

Cellphone Games:

    * Dragon Quest II
    * Dragon Quest
    * Final Fantasy II
    * Final Fantasy
    * Final Fantasy VII Before Crisis
    * Front Mission 2089
    * Blademaster 2 Episode 0
    * Final Fantasy VII Snowboarding
    * Code Age Brawls