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[MULTI] Disco Elysium

Aperto da AntoSara, 8 Gennaio, 2023, 13:17:08

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Sto andando avanti.

Beh, potrebbe entrare direttamente nella mia top 5 di tutti i tempi.

Questa SH ha fatto un lavoro encomiabile sotto quasi tutti gli aspetti.



Sembra più un festeggiamento che un vero aggiornamento :D


Citazione di: Blasor il 16 Marzo, 2023, 02:17:05Probabile raggio di sole nella situazione legale.

Cioè, nì. C'è un altro aggiornamento:

Interessante "riassunto" tra i commenti.

CitazioneI'm seeing a whole lot of people in the comments ignorant/dismissive of the facts ( Hi StooMonster )

What's been said about this entire situation in Video game media is pretty limited,this article included. But the whole entire story is so fucked up it genuinely could be a movie.

Short story is : Most of these people are guilty of something ( Except Kurvitz and Rostov, AFAIK ), none of this is "resolved", it's all swept under the rug because the UK wants to do an independent investigation and now they're scared.

As indicated by the fact that he repaid 4.8M€ to the studio following Kender's suit, Kompus absolutely seems to have "stolen" from the company to repay the person who loaned him the significant portion of the cash to do the takeover. As cited above, the 4.8M€ he gave back to the studio was a "Misunderstanding"; go figure.

The whole process of how he did this is obviously very convoluted, but 5 month prior to the whole drama; the majority holder of ZA/UM decided to sell his stake, to who should've been the other shareholders. But instead, Linnamae somehow managed to sell his stake for 4.5M€ to Kompus; this is where it gets tricky and full of allegations.

What has happened is that sometime during this process, Kompus' investment firm "Tütreke" bought, for one pound, a short story that they then sold to ZA/UM. Allegations from Kender suggest that the money from transaction was for the purpose of paying for Linnamae's shares. Essentially stealing from the studio to pay for the studio.

Following that, Kender claimed that the purpose of this transaction was to allow the sale of ZA/UM to another publisher with the funds to ride the wave of Disco Elysium and expand into other media; this part also seems true considering that, 1. Kender was "removed" after questioning this decision, and 2. The courts decided to seize the shares due to substantial fear of a transaction.

The next part is the most interesting, according to Kender, Kompus has acted as a proxy to Tõnis Haavel, notorious banker who spent some time in jail for fraud ( the reason he would use a proxy is that he still owes his victims quite a bit of money )
These accusations are upheld by the fact that Tõnis Haavel's significant other, Anu Reiman, is the owner of ZA/UM's subsiduary "YESSIRNOSIR ltd", subsiduary who is the official owner of the Disco Elysium IP.

The whole idea seems to be that the sale of ZA/UM to an owner able to expand the Disco Elysium IP would've been quite profitable for Reiman/Haveel. But he could not have acquired the shares himself as he is still considered bankrupt and his uncovered liquidity would've been immediately seized.

On the other hand, Kurvitz and Rostov's claims are a bit light, they follow Kender's claims, and mention their supposed wrongful dismissal due to Kompus fearing their leverage in regards to the Disco Elysium IP ( A suit that they've now dropped due to insufficient evidence )
But, they also added that Kender was part of the initial scheme for the take-over, which would explain how he supposedly knew all of this, past his role of shareholder, and why he would sue the investment firm rather than Kompus.

So yeah; pretty slimy situation, massive wall of text, most of these people are shady pieces of garbage and it's nowhere near being over.


But the whole entire story is so fucked up it genuinely could be a movie.

Esattamente. :|


Citazione di: AntoSara il  8 Gennaio, 2023, 13:17:08Qualcuno l'ha giocato?

Uno dei giochi più interessanti che ho finito negli ultimi anni. Mi ha lasciato qualcosa dentro.  :sisi:

Don G