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Allora, con 3 copie l'ordine viene 114.30 sterline in tutto, al cambio odierno 134 pleuri circa, ergo 44.7 pleuri a cranio.

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CitazioneFirst, Kamiya says he doesnt see any magazine previews, says stores aren't promoting the game because they don't really understand what it is. There aren't enough ads or awareness he says its not a cheap game to make either, he estimates that in terms of manpower and resources, they spent 1.5 times what they did on Bayonetta 1*. He says in terms of "no one really gets the game, so there isnt a lot of hype" its similar to Okami**


I tweet originali sono tutti in giapponese quindi metto la traduzione dell'utente di GAF.

In sostanza Kamiya sarebbe preoccupato per il non-marketing di Nintendo, sostiene che i negozi (giapponesi presumo) non "spingono" il gioco perchè non capiscono di cosa si tratti, niente anteprime nelle riviste, niente pubblicità... eppure non si tratta di un gioco economico, stima che Platinum abbia investito in termini di risorse economiche ed umane una volta e mezza quanto speso per il primo Bayonetta, e che lo scarso hype dovuto al fatto che la gente non comprende il gioco è qualcosa di simile a quel che accadde con Okami.

EDIT / UPDATE: Jean Pierre Kellams, Creative Director di Platinum Games, tweeta (in inglese, questo lo capisco senza aiutini :hihi:) che NON si stanno lagnando del marketing

CitazioneBefore GAF goes all nuts -- I'm not complaining about #TW101's marketing at all.


Boh?! :look: :sweat: :mmmm:


Il filmato mostrato ieri al Nintendo Direct Mini:


CitazioneWelcome Message

Long time no see, everyone. I am the director of 'The Wonderful 101', Mr. Hideki Kamiya.
It has been a long time now since I directed Bayonetta, and in the interim, I aimed to be called the 'Twitter Master', but the time has come at last to send out my new game to the world, and it seems I will be able to return to my true work as a 'Game Designer'.

I think that most people do not understand what type of game this is, even though the release of the all new game 'The Wonderful 101' has come very close. At this point I believe that either, people know it's a game where you walk around as many different characters at once, believe it is a game where a dog is the main character*, or have not heard of the title at all.

And that's ok!

Why don't you learn about the game with me, via this blog, as I provide you with information on 'The Wonderful 101'?

To put it simply, this game is one where you become a hero and defeat bad guys: a simple and pure battle/action game. You do not need to think about it too hard. However, there's a few...a lot more protagonists in this game than a usual one, is all.
The title, 'The Wonderful 101', shows the number of heroes in the game. The extra '1' on the '100' is born from a desire for you all at home, outside the TV, to become heroes too. 'Moving about with all this heroes - what sort of game is this?' you might be wondering. I would like to introduce a little bit for you in the coming weeks.

...On that note, I shall end my welcome message here. From the next blog post, I will mix in videos as I introduce various aspects of the game. Not just the action, but also lots of information on the characters and the story, so please look forward to it.

Finally, in preparation for the next post, everyone, Unite Up!

*One in Japanese is said "Wan" and is a homonym for the onomatopoeia for a dog's bark, hence this comment.

Messaggio di Kamiya sul blog (giapponese), traduzione da NeoGAF:

( EDIT versione "originale" inglese sul blog Platinum --> http://platinumgames.com/2013/07/26/introduction-to-the-wonderful-101-blog/ )

Aperto anche il sito ufficiale nipponico:


CitazioneWonderful 101 Blog Episode 2: Just What Is This Game All About?

Team, Unite Up!

It's a pleasure to meet you. My name is Ichi, and I'll be your guide for The Wonderful 101 Blog. I hope that you will find my guiding skills to meet your taste.


So the player doesn't just control one or two heroes, they control a whole gaggle of them.

Okay, you caught me. You've noticed by now the title logo says they're The Wonderful One-Oh-One. Where's this mysterious 101st member?
Well, that mystery member may just happen to be the WONDERFUL you yourself: The guy or gal herding this crew around.
Or then again, it could have a second meaning that you'll just have to find out when you play through the game's story.



It all started 40 years ago... Earth had never known an enemy like the GEATHJERK Federation Supreme Armada. Without warning, these hideous invaders from an unknown stretch of the galaxy appeared on the planet's doorstep, waging war on mankind with an army ten times the size of our own.
Earth responded by quickly gathering its greatest minds to establish the CENTINELS Planetary Secret Service. Fighting tooth and nail, Earth survived the GEATHJERK invasion not once, but twice. Yet, once again the aliens have launched a full-bore attack on humanity using the entire might of their main fleet.

To save the human race from this dire threat, the CENTINELS sent out an emergency distress call to the "Wonderful One" special combat agents secreted in 100 field offices around the world.

Working together, these brave soldiers are the brains and the brawn behind the defense of Earth; the stoic face of humanity standing up to an alien evil. Though born in different lands to different lives, the Wonderful Ones are tied together by their passion to protect the places they call home.
The Wonderful 100 will unite up and double down on the strength and courage they'll need to defeat the aliens once and for all!
And the final hero to lead them all is... you!
...And that pretty much sums it up. Seems like Earth's being threatened by some colossal, unidentified alien army. Obviously, that would be a little much for a small scale superhero group. It's crises like these that the Wonderful 100 was made for.

So in The Wonderful 101, you'll be controlling your band of 100 heroes to protect the Earth from these alien invaders. In a word, it's an action game, in the purest sense.
As you travel through the wreckage the invasion has generated across each stage, you'll need to save panicked citizens, overcome obstacles, take care of your enemies, meet up with additional forces, build up your unit, and prepare for a showdown with the stage's boss.

Along each stage there will be sudden developments that either uncover secrets between characters or a character's past, or add more riddles to the equation.
Also, I know it sounds like trying to control 100 characters at the same time would be a mess, but rest assured, it's more fun than you think.

During gameplay, you'll choose a main character that your other heroes will closely huddle around. This means you don't have to be worrying if anyone is lagging behind.
Actually, once you experience how fun it is to be slinging your whole group at the enemy, you'll probably have a hard time feeling satisfied controlling just one character in other games again.


There also happen to exist several types of special attacks only possible through utilizing your hero group. These make up the meat and potatoes of the game, so we'll save getting into them for next time.

Next episode:
"Behold! The Wonderful Battle System!"

Stay tuned!



Il combat system illustrato nel dettaglio:


Ci sono troppe immagini e copincollare il solo testo avrebbe poco senso perchè i due sono correlati strettamente: quindi chi è interessato fa prima a dare un'occhiata alla pagina direttamente sul sito di Platinum.

Sembra che la versione europea manterrà l'audio originale giapponese. :)


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Sembra che la versione europea manterrà l'audio originale giapponese. :)

Li amo, prendessero esempio certi publisher che devono a tutti i costi infilare vocine made in USA irritanti e da due soldi nel jrpg di turno.


A mio modestissimo avviso (c'è da riconoscere che si tratta oggettivamente di una opzione a dir poco di nicchia) non c'è motivo di non lasciare il doppiaggio giapponese se non per carenza di spazio sul disco.

Lasciare possibilità di scelta non fa (quasi) mai male, secondo me.

EDIT: online episodio numero 4 del W101 blog


Dopodomani 9 agosto verrà trasmesso un Nintendo Direct interamente dedicato all'imminente The Wonderful 101.


Il Nintendo Direct dedicato a TW101 verrà trasmesso alle ore 16 italiane di oggi.

Link per lo streaming italiano:

A seguire (ma non nel corso del Direct stesso) PlatinumGames farà un nuovo, eccitante annuncio.
Di cosa si tratterà?