[BIZ] BOOM! Riccitiello lascia EA - UPDATE: approda a Unity

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Ricciatello è re mida al contrario :asd:
Tra l'altro anch'io mi dovrò buttare su un altro engine mi sa :sweat:
Lo usavo per lavoro unity.



CitazioneI know people don't want to hear this: you shouldn't be blaming John Riccitiello.

Yes, John is undoubtedly an asshole, since they don't let you be a CEO unless you are one. But he has also been the CEO of Unity since 2014 and oversaw its progress from "that engine that lets you port your game to anything" to "the platform that every single mobile game is made on and the backbone of the inde developer market." The main reason why so many of you are only hearing about him being the CEO now, is because he HAD (past tense) been doing a relatively good job.

What changed ... In 2020 Unity went public, and a bunch of shit heads bought their way onto Unity's board of directors. Ultimately the CEO works for the Board, so when these new bosses tell him to do something self destructive, he does it.

Here are the names you should be talking about instead of John:

Tomer Bar Zeev

Roelof Botha

Egon Durban.

Remember IronSource, that dog shit monetization company that absolutely everyone in the industry dumped and was circling the drain until Unity bought them for $4.4 billion? Tomer Bar Zeev is the founder of IronSource, and following the merger he became Unity's 3rd president (along with John and Marc) ... yes, this is the asshole who sold a package of malware under the guise of monetization software & ultimately the root cause of this install tax. Given the IronSource's history of malware, I feel that it is safe to say that the Unity runtime will likely start getting flagged by antivirus programs and casually request admin rights during installation.

How Unity got infected with IronSource is that Sequoia Capitol and Silver lake pledged to invest $1 billion into Unity if the deal went through. Frankly, the math doesn't add up for Unity to trade $4.4 billion to buy a plague blanket of a company, only to receive $1 billion in return. Especially when a rival mobile monetization company offered to pay Unity $17 billion if the called off the IronSource deal and merge with them instead. Unless that $1b was for the sake of C-suite bonuses, in which case all of this makes perfect sense. But who the Hell is Roelof Botha & Egon Durban, and who are they important names?

Roelof is a Director of Sequoia, Egon is the founder of Silver Lak, and both of them have ties back to Elon Musk ... which is pretty telling for how fast Unity has caught on fire. If Egon's name is familiar, it is because he was on Twitter's Board and was the one who pushed to have them accept the deal & then got thrown off the board when they realised that he was just spying for Elon during the resulting lawsuit. He also was the one who helped Elon with his fake " Taking Tesla private" scam. Roelof was the CFO of PayPal before it got acquired and has a long history of being involved with mergers that result in a lot of money for some, but absolute shit deals for end users.

Looping back to the top ... I think John is done with Unity, but not in the "yay, us consumers have protested hard enough to get him fired" kind of way the internet wants. I think he was done in 2020 when he went from being the guy actually running the company, to the guy who answers to a room full of investment fuck heads (of the 13 board members, 11 are investment managers), and then gets to take the blame for their shit decisions. I feel like the reason why he sold his stock is because he knew this was a shit idea that was going to tank the company, but these assholes wouldn't listen. So he cashed out his stock and will be announcing his retirement at the start of Q4.

Don't be shocked when Tomer Bar Zeev gets named as his replacement.



Ovviamente da prendere con le pinze ma se dovesse essere vero... beh potremmo scoprirlo molto presto. :D


Citazione di: Turrican3 il 13 Settembre, 2023, 16:59:04https://finance.yahoo.com/news/unity-software-incs-president-ceo-050515124.html

E mentre mezzo mondo inveisce contro Unity, si viene a scoprire che qualche giorno fa Riccitiello ha venduto altre 2000 azioni (e non è l'unico dei dirigenti ad averlo fatto negli ultimi mesi), appena prima quindi che venisse pubblicizzata la nuova politica di licenza con il calo delle azioni in borsa. :look:

Che schifo.



CitazioneTo our community:

I'm Marc Whitten, and I lead Unity Create which includes the Unity engine and editor teams.

I want to start with this: I am sorry.




Unity fa un significativo passo indietro dopo le proteste degli sviluppatori (e non solo quelle...) pressochè unanimi sulla (ex) "nuova" politica delle licenze.


Ma che casino bestiale hanno messo in piedi. :sweat:

Che poi non ho capito se ci fossero o meno i presupposti per tirare la cinghia in quel modo, cioè se la loro posizione commerciale nell'attuale contesto dei motori di sviluppo consentisse o meno una (per quel che posso giudicare a posteriori) spavalderia simile. :hmm:


Ahahaha che pagliacciata, vabbè almeno se ne è andato :asd:



CitazioneTuesday's announcement includes termination of the professional services piece of an agreement Unity struck with movie director Peter Jackson's visual effects company Weta FX in 2021 after Unity purchased the technology and engineering division of Weta FX. As a result, 265 employees whose jobs are related to the agreement will be laid off, the company said.

The company has said its total workforce was around 7,000.

In addition, Unity will shut down offices in 14 locations such as Berlin and Singapore, pending employee consultation in some countries, and significantly reduce its office footprint for the remaining offices, including in San Francisco and Bellevue, Washington.



Matthew Bromberg nuovo CEO Unity: https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/unity-appoints-former-ea-and-zynga-executive-as-its-new-ceo/

CitazioneBromberg previously served as group general manager of BioWare, before taking global responsibility for EA's mobile business during a four-year spell with the company that ended in July 2016.

He left to serve as chief operating officer of leading mobile game developer and publisher Zynga, where he worked until 2022.